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BALM! Baby Diaper Balm Featured on Texas Living TV

(Beth Terry) "She’s our favorite kind of Westerner: A pioneer
who lives a life by example, as evident in her book, her blog,
and the thousands of people she’s spurred to pick up a metal
fork instead of a disposable one."Here are a few of her favorite plastic-free products:- Balms, sunscreen, and deodorant in glass
jars from Taylor House" (makers of BALM! Baby)
"So there you have it. Everything you have ever wanted to know about my personal hygiene, my deodorant-less life, and my new found love of “The Pits.” I’m officially a convert. I even found myself talking it up to other green bloggers I was meeting in NYC! Taylor's also has a range of other natural body care and baby products including all natural cloth diaper safe cream, sunscreen, lip balm, bug spray, and nipple butter. Everything is packaged in recyclable containers and is made in Hawaii! It all smells like heaven too."
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"All the products come in either glass or aluminum containers that are recyclable, they’re all vegan, and are all made from natural/organic ingredients. You can’t get any greener than that!"
I worried that it would smell strongly like other rubs that are to be put on a child's chest, but it doesn't at all! It has a faint smell that wouldn't bother even the most sensitive of noses. It's an herbal, organic, and natural balm that not only helps relieve stuffy noses and chests – but also aids in morning and car sickness!"
"The Mama Belly balm goes on very smoothly and disappears completely into my skin. And then I smell wonderful! A little of this stuff goes a long way. It really doesn’t take much at all, which is great because I’m using it not just on my tummy. The itch relief is almost instant, and I don’t have to re-apply after an hour or two."
"I tend to use whatever homemade soap I have on hand for soap bits and make a solution, but sometimes the bits don’t disintegrate very quickly. They can even take days! A liquid concentrated solution is great for making your wipe solution quickly. I started using BALM! Baby “JUICE those WIPES!“ Wipe Solution a couple weeks ago and really love it! I am a lavender and orange oil junkie so this wipe juice is right up my alley!"
"When I received my review package I was immediately able to test out its potential awesomeness. K-Dub had one of his nasty diaper rashes again and I was about to treat it with my prescription cream since, as usual, nothing was working all that well. This photo comparison shows the improvement after one use of BALM! Baby Diaper Balm. The rash was on both cheeks with similar intensity and improvement."
"Before I get to their rash ointment, I want to mention a few things about the company. BALM! Baby offers all sorts of natural & organic products made locally In addition to their local ingredients, they make all their products in small batches to ensure quality and freshness! I LIKE THE SOUND OF THAT. But there’s more…their products come in recyclable glass bottles or aluminum containers for an added “green” flair. In addition, the names of the products are super cute, such as “Shue Bug” and “Juice Those Wipes” Not to mention their customer service is SPECTACULAR!!"
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"I'm going to interrupt your Sunday to thank @balmbaby for a moment. They gave me a bag full of their products a while back, and I've been a big fan of what I've used so far. However, NOTHING could prepare me for these two little jars of magic. Have you ever smelled someone's armpits and said "damn those smell amazing"---I doubt it. Well get ready. This stuff has a mix of rosemary and lemon and chamomile and calendula and smells like a dream. It's not overpowering at all --- and it actually WORKS. I have thrown my old deodorant in the garbage. And the Shave cream is made of raw Shea butter, macadamia nut oil, and other magical ingredients. I normally have to use aftershave when I'm done because of razor burn but not now. My skin is so soft. And when you're shaving the razor rinses easily, unlike many soaps that can be a PITA to clean off a razor. BALM Baby, you've converted me. Thank you THANK YOU."